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      Service hotline 0795-3668860 3668585
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        Nistronics (Jiangxi) Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Nistronics)is engaged in development,manufacture and sales of film capacitor,and is vice-president units of CECA(China Electronic Components Industry Association) capacitor branch.It locates at national level Economic-technological development Area in Yichun city ,Jiangxi Province and started business in September 2005,construction area is 16000㎡,key process is dust-free workshop.

        Nistronics invest a lot of money for the R&D of new product and equipment each year based on film capacitor engineering technology centerestablished by company and management team with extensive experience and devote to declare 5 patents and put 2 new products on market each year.

        At present, the degree of automation of production equipments is at the leading level in industry and test equipments are advanced with X ray machine,cold and hot impact test case,powerful digital microscope,high frequency test power and so on.

        Products widely used in different industries,such as home appliance,power,lighting,audio,sensor and so on and safe capacitor acquired CB,UL-CUL,VDE-ENEC,KC certification.

        Nistronics principle: with our work to create great life and strive for social progress.

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      Add:No.705 Yichun Road, Yichun Economic-Technological Development Area,Jiangxi Province,China    Tel: 0795-3668860

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